Introducing New Filtering and Sorting Options for Sent Files

Introducing New Filtering and Sorting Options for Sent Files

24 October, 2016

With Digital Pigeon, you get fantastic insights into what your clients have done with the files you’ve sent them. For example, you can see when your client has received what you’ve sent them and, more importantly, exactly how many times a particular file has been viewed/downloaded.

However, we know that sometimes you need to drill down a bit further and gain even greater insights into what’s happened with your files once they’ve been sent.

That’s why we’ve introduced a range of additional filtering and sorting options for your sent files.

Now, you can filter your sent files based on whether they’ve been approved, declined, downloaded, not downloaded or starred, and sort the results in many intuitive ways, including by name, size, type and modified date.



In just a few clicks you can immediately see the status of each file you’ve sent, without having to delve about, saving you both time and hassle.

Try it out for yourself now by logging into your Digital Pigeon account; navigating to your sent file list; and testing the sort/filter options as shown in the screenshots above.

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