Drag and drop files from your computer, directly into an upload

30 June, 2017

In our most recent software update, you can now upload files straight from your computer by using drag and dropping them into the software.

This new feature can be used to create a brand new upload or to add the files into an existing upload.

Now, let's show you how it's done...

Drag and drop files into a brand new upload

To create a brand new upload, drag and drop your files from your computer over the ‘New’ highlighted area in the top-left hand corner of the program.  Or alternatively, you can hold down SHIFT on your keyboard and drop the files anywhere.

The video below gives you a quick demo of how it's done:

Drag and drop files into an existing upload

To add files to an existing upload, drag the files from your computer and hover over the desired folder in File List view of the active upload you're working on.

If you want to add files to different upload, hover over an upload from the list on the left hand side of the dashboard. This will activate the upload and then you can drop the files in whichever folder you’d like.

The video below shows you both options:

When you’ve uploaded a new file into an existing upload, Digital Pigeon will automatically switch over to ‘EDIT’ mode. Make sure you click ‘FINISH’ when you’ve made all your changes.

Digital Pigeon will then ask if you want to notify the recipients. Click ‘notify recipients’ to send a message to your receiver letting them know the changes, without having to resend the upload link.

From the team at Digital Pigeon, we hope enjoy the new drag and drop function with your next upload!

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