Video scrubbing and frame stepping now available on Digital Pigeon

16 June, 2017

Film and TV studios, online video content producers, post-production studios and the like have asked for video scrubbing so that they can easily find out which file they’re looking at - without previewing it.

We’ve also been asked to be able to step, frame by frame so that users can provide pinpoint feedback.

Today, we’re excited to announce that in our latest software update… all users will see these improvements.

And for our customers in audio production & post, we’ve also added timeline scrubbing so that you can easily and accurately navigate to a point in a file’s waveform.

Video Scrubbing

How does it work in Digital Pigeon’s instant media previews? There are two ways:

1.) Contact Sheet mode

“Hover scrubbing” triggers when you move your mouse from left to right over the video thumbnail.

This is an incredibly useful feature if you have multiple videos that look similar but are somewhat different (perhaps, different versions of a project) and you want to quickly identify which one is which.

The video below shows you how it works:

2.) Preview & Gallery mode

In these modes, moving the mouse over the timeline shows the thumbnail of the frames ahead of what is being played in the preview.

ou can see it in action below:

Frame stepping

With frame stepping, you can move the video preview step-by-step to pinpoint an exact frame in the video.

To engage the stepping function, simply hit pause. Then use the mouse to click the step forward or step back arrows on your dashboard.

We’ve included a demo of this feature in the video below:

Stepping allows you to give much more precise feedback than before, making it a powerful tool for the review process.

And that’s all there is to it!

Do you have any other ideas for our software? You can request new features here or simply vote on other people’s ideas!

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