There’s no “bandwidth rush-hour” on our “information super highway!”

1 April, 2016

Never compete for bandwidth

Cloud computing technologies have revolutionised the IT industry by providing organisations with a way to affordably, reliably and securely scale their infrastructure operations and workloads. And when you’re in the business of facilitating the sending and receiving of large files

(like we are), having the right infrastructure solutions underpinning your core services is vitally important.

That’s why we partner with the world’s largest cloud services provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unlike other infrastructure solutions, AWS affords complete agility and total scalability. That means that if Digital Pigeon (and our customers) ever need more compute power, AWS can ensure we (and you) get it on-demand.

Forget about web traffic

This scaling logic is the reason why cloud computing technologies are not susceptible to spikes in web traffic or busy periods, like traditional infrastructure solutions. Our digital highways are always clear, which allows your files to sail along them rapidly.

The end result is that Digital Pigeon customers never have to compete for bandwidth and benefit from an unrivalled service – always.

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