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Share large files, seamlessly

  • Send and receive large files up to 200 GB
  • No logins or registration for recipients
  • Use your own branding or even your client's branding

Seriously fast and reliable

  • Built on the same infrastructure as tech giants & banks
  • No traffic peak hour or bandwidth limitiations
  • Recipients can stream or preview your files

Track activity and get feedback

  • Know who has accessed your files and when.
  • Get time-stamped feedback directly on your video, audio and image files
  • Get notified of activity via phone, email or Slack

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Additional Features

Built for creatives and media businesses. Optimized by client feedback.
Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Our special configuration ensures speed and reliability.
Choose your server location US (Northern California), Europe (Dublin), Australia (Sydney) & Singapore
Security at the front of mind Bank-grade encryption, password protection, file expirations, SAML SSO
Real and available support No bots, just our team helping customers with questions and feedback.

What our customer say

These guys are the best!

Digital Pigeon put all the others to shame and I know from personal experience these guys are the best!

John Brawley
Director of Photography
and Cinematographer

You have a great service...

...and I don't think any of your competitors can touch you on price or features.

Karl Smith
Technical Creative Content Manager

I absolutely love the interface...

...and I loved the power behind it in the back-end... It was like falling in love twice – on the world’s best date!

Digby Hogan
Empire Post

The interface is so reliable...

...and easy for my clients to use. I send them the work and they know exactly what to do.

Jeff Miyahara
Record Producer
J-POP Music Group

So easy to track...

With Digital Pigeon, it's so easy to keep track of who has been sent what and whether or not they have accessed the work.

Holli Dee
BangBang Studios

It stops people from pilfering

It’s really nice that I can set the files to expire and prevent further access. Because I’m setting it up in a way that’s not creating a permanent repository, it stops people from pilfering or sharing to unauthorised users.

Francis Zera
Francis Zera Photography

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