New improvements to Feedback and Approvals

31 March, 2017

Digital Pigeon’s feedback and approvals tool has had some feedback of its own, thanks to comments from customers (the irony was not lost on us). And with a few improvements we’ve made the feature a lot more user friendly.

Here’s what we’ve changed:

1.) It’s now much easier for your recipients to provide feedback

Recently, we’ve had customers asking us to include a feedback tool in the software. It was a bit embarrassing (for us) because that’s one of our standard features already!

It made us realise that this really useful tool was not being used by our customers and their recipients because it was a bit hard to find – unless you were really looking for it.

But now, if you have feedback enabled, when your recipient clicks on a media preview – it will take them directly to the feedback view. If you have disabled feedback on your ‘sends’ and ‘shares’, then they will not be able to see any changes. We’re hoping this means more people will take advantage of the feature in their workflow.

2.) Preview playback

For video and audio previews, we’ll now remember the playback position when your recipient navigates away from the site and returns to it. It’s convenient for when you’re multi-tasking, or if you need to stop what you’re doing and pick up where you left off later.

3.) Add feedback on your received files

Prior to this update, the feedback tool was only available to your recipients. We’ve now made it available so that when you receive files in Digital Pigeon, you and your team can provide feedback internally amongst each other. Very useful for internal collaboration!

We’re always grateful when we get ideas from our customers. It’s humbling how the smallest details can make a big difference to your user experience… and your recipients.

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