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Fast and efficient file transfers

Digital Pigeon is the ideal solution for franchises that need to share large files with their franchisees. Marketing collateral, software, store and management reports, and more, can be sent and received quickly and smoothly, regardless of whether you’re in the same city, state or country.

Six ways Digital Pigeon can help your franchise business:

use your franchises brand when sharing materials

Use your franchise's brand when sharing materials

You expect your franchisees to uphold your franchise's brand integrity. Encourage this by presenting your campaign materials using your own branding. You can customise fonts, imagery and colour schemes all within our easy to use portal.

know your franchisees moves

Know your franchisees' moves

Know exactly which franchisee has accessed what, and when. With activity tracking, your marketing team can be assured that your franchisees are using the latest marketing campaigns.

And if they're not, you will know and can act accordingly!

large file support

Large file support - over distance

Send, share and receive files up to a whopping 200 GB in size.* Whether you're sending files to franchisees down the road, interstate or overseas - your files will be in safe hands, especially when utilising our content delivery network.

* (Even larger limits available on request).

team member management

Team member management

Add your entire marketing/advertising department and design team to your Digital Pigeon account. This helps your franchise streamline workflow and adds an additional level of security.

We also offer Single Sign On capability should you or your IT department have the need.

security your franchise can rely on

Security your franchise can rely on

Franchisors can rely on our bank-grade security system which uses a combination of Amazon's infrastructure plus our own security measures, including password protection and SSL encryption.

create shortlists on campaigns

Create shortlists on campaigns, easily

Your marketing team can approve or reject photographs, video files, audio files, documents and any marketing material that you receive from your creative partners.

Collaborate quickly and seamlessly with your team. And there's no need to download files - you can simply use our instant media preview technology!

Why do businesses and franchisees make the switch to Digital Pigeon?


File transfers that make life easier for franchisees and franchisors

Effective franchising lives and dies on the communication between the franchisor and the franchisee. Digital Pigeon ensures that no file is too big to share, enabling both the store and head office to provide everything the other needs. This removes the need to curate information and risk leaving out something important, and ensures complete transparency throughout the entire franchise agreement.


Ensure seamless communication with our file sharing system

The ability to transmit and receive large franchise-specific files was once limited to small, email-able chunks, or the physical delivery of storage. Our system makes it possible to provide accurate files, via a system that is as reliable as it is simple to use.


Designed to make file-sharing fast and simple

Our user-friendly interface was created for people at all levels of computer proficiency. If you can send an email and click a mouse, you can use Digital Pigeon to get your files where they need to go.


Wherever your franchise goes, Digital Pigeon is there too

Digital Pigeon makes it possible to take your franchise around the globe, eliminating the need for physical storage to transfer software and marketing materials. This means that there are no geographical limits to where you can send files.

Start transferring files today and find out why our platform is the right solution for you.

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