Receiving large files? Our new GeoMatch tech makes it super fast!

14 February, 2016

We’ve recently introduced our GeoMatch technology into Digital Pigeon to make things even faster for you.

When you’re receiving large files from vendors, clients, etc., we will GeoMatch their location so that’s it super-fast and reliable for them to upload. This means less headaches and you’ll get what you need, quicker!

Here’s how:

Transferring data across the internet is actually a lot like traveling in real life. The further away things are and the more traffic there is, the longer it takes.

We take both things out of the equation by:

  • Having servers in multiple locations and in major regions across the world. This greatly shortens the distance files have to travel – and minimises the likelihood of errors.
  • Adopting a cloud infrastructure that is not susceptible to traffic – ever. It’s as if there’s no such thing as ‘peak hour’ or ‘flight delays’.

However, if your client/vendor wants to change their upload server, they can easily pick from one of our regions manually. All they need to do is pick from a drop down list when they’re preparing their next file transfer to you.

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