Six ways Digital Pigeon can help your photography studio:

Get photos to clients, quickly and easily

A critical part of the photographer workflow is getting files to clients efficiently.

Digital Pigeon is known for its speed, reliability and the ability to easily transfer multiple files and huge file sizes.

Instant, web-ready previews

Digital Pigeon generates web-ready previews that recipients can easily view on any device.

Our preview conversion technology translates raw formats like CR2 and NEF into crisp previews that require no additional software installations.

Protect your intellectual property

Delivering images to a client always comes with some measure of risk, as your leverage for getting paid is gone.

Digital Pigeon can help protect your work with automated watermarks and by disabling a client’s ability to download files. Enable recipient downloads when you’re ready (and have been paid).

Conveniently, our watermarks don’t affect your source files, which saves you time.

Present your photos, your way

Full-screen gallery mode provides a compelling and beautiful way for photographers to present their work. Contact sheet mode is perfect when sending multiple photographs that need to be approved or organised.

You can even customise how your photos are presented, using your own studio’s branding.

Effortless shortlists and approvals

Clients can checkoff the photographs they would like to purchase or shortlist. With a simple click, clients can let you know which photographs they like - reducing emails with lists of file names.

Know your client’s moves

Have peace of mind, despite deadlines, with the ability to see exactly when a client first views a set of images.

Activity tracking lets photographers know when someone accesses or downloads any set of files.

How do photographers use Digital Pigeon to help their business?

Commercial and fashion photographers

Photographers often use our “highlight image” feature for custom branded download pages. This gives the recipient, typically a marketing team or ad agency, a positive first impression of the work.

Workflow management

The majority of our photographer customers use Digital Pigeon to send their files to clients for approval. Once the photographs have been selected/shortlisted using our approvals tool, the photographer sends final high-resolutions files for download.

Wedding and family photographers

Our custom branding tool allows you to deliver custom branded work. Alternatively, we found that wedding and family photographers may highlight a photograph to showcase their top shots.

Protect your IP

This feature was born from real photographer feedback. Many of our photographer customers prevent theft of copyright images with the watermarking feature, disabling download of source images and password protecting their upload. They’ve told us they often get paid a lot quicker than they used to with this simple add-on!

Real Estate photographers

Photographers working offsite at a property can use Digital Pigeon to get photographs back to the head office or their clients while still at the property. This means they can get immediate feedback and know whether to take more shots. Our freelance photographer customers cite this as a great competitive advantage for securing work, as it gives real estate agents control and security.

Photographers find Digital Pigeon is a massive help in improving their workflow and protecting their work.

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  • They put all the others to shame and I know from personal experience these guys are the best!

    John Brawley
    Director of Photography
    and Cinematographer
  • I love everything about it! I cannot imagine my work without it! How otherwise could I distribute my show on so many TVs in a blink of an eye? How could I not be amazed by the fact that I’m instantly noticed when each one of these access my file? And I know that they appreciate the possibility to preview the file before downloading it!

    Tonči Bibić
    Film Commentator
    Kratki Rezovi
  • Where others fail, Digital Pigeon delivers.
    Quite simply – it just works.

    Holli Dee
    BangBang Studios
  • You guys have a great service and I don’t think any of your competitors can touch you on price or features.

    karl-smith Karl Smith
    Technical Creative Content Manager
  • I decided to send off the same files at the same time using Hightail and Digital Pigeon, and the Digital Pigeon files went in half the amount of time.

    carolyn-sylvester Carolyn Sylvester
    Freelance Television Director
  • The fastest platform to get our work off to our clients.  We’ve tried other file transfer software but Digital Pigeon is by far the quickest and easiest for our clients and us to use.

    Haley Stibbard-image Haley Stibbard
    Managing Director
    3P Studio
  • It’s refreshing to have clear communication with the people who make software we use every day. I will be a long-term customer of Digital Pigeon!

    tim-kindler Tim Kindler
    Creative Director
    Paper House Productions
  • Our industry is all about relationships, the multi-user account is perfect, it allows all our departments to send from personalised profiles.

    ryan-swerdlow Ryan Swerdlow
    Head of Production
  • I’m just very happy with the service you offer, it’s such a massive part of my business and I do really need something that doesn’t let me down. Digital Pigeon is awesome.

    vincent-taylor Vincent Taylor
    Freelance Colourist for Film & Television
    Raygun Studios
  • If you work in film, tv or content creation and aren’t using @digitalpigeon for file delivery you’re doing it wrong.

    toby Toby Angwin
    VFX Artist
  • With Digital Pigeon we always know when files are ready to view and when clients have downloaded our work.

    Josh Moore
    Suitcase Murphy
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