Quick, convenient, and secure high-volume file sharing.

Utilize our strategic network optimized for the lightning-fast storage and transfer of large files, worldwide.

Digital Pigeon is packed full of features to get files from A to B, quickly and reliably.

Purpose-built for industries sharing large files on a regular basis, our tool includes workflow features to help our customers improve
their workflow, manage projects seamlessly and present your business professionally.

Handle files 200GB+ and more

Send & Share Large Files

Your file recipients won’t need to download any software, create an account, or follow complicated instructions to view or download what you send. They can preview or download instantly, on any device, in high resolution.

You can distribute your files in two useful ways: privately via email (send) with clients and vendors, and publicly using a link (share) This is incredibly useful when posting on social media and online forums.

simple-intuitive-to-use simple-intuitive-to-use
Make life easy for all stakeholders

Receive Large Files

Enable Clients, Customers or partners to send you large files, directly into your Digital Pigeon account. You can receive large files in any format, or multiple files at once.

Simply customise and send a link to your download page via email, social media, or embed a form on your website. We use GeoMatch technology to find the upload server that’s closest to them, which reduces problems, boosts speed, and ensures files get delivered to your inbox ASAP.

File reception comes with the same perks as sending. Transfer speeds are just as fast and can be password protected. You can opt to be notified by phone or email once it’s been delivered.

The speed and reliability of tech giants

Fast & reliable

Digital Pigeon is powered by the world’s highest performing, cloud-based infrastructure service, Amazon Web Services. This technology allows us to transport your files as fast as you and your recipients’ Internet connections can handle.

With our competitors, you’re susceptible to congestion – much like how a major road gets painfully slow in ‘rush hour’. But when you use our professional-grade content delivery network, it’ll feel like you’re driving down a highway with no traffic, 24 hours a day.

There’s no traffic lights and no police. Your files will literally travel as fast as you and your recipient’s internet connections can go!

You’ll never wonder again

Tracking and Notifications

Our activity reports will let you know if your client has received the file and even more importantly, if they’ve accessed it and which files they’ve previewed and downloaded.

  • Files have finished uploading
  • Clients have received notifications
  • Clients have accessed the files
  • Clients have commented on or approved a file
  • You’ve been sent files

You can be kept up to date with both email and mobile notifications. Plus, you can also change your notification settings to receive an overview of your activity each day. That way your inbox won’t be clogged with notifications.

Speed up the review process

Feedback and Proofing

Any Project Manager or Account Manager will tell you that the review process can be one of the biggest hold-ups for a project, especially if it involves more than one member of your client’s team. The feedback and approval function makes it easier for clients to give you prompt and precise feedback.

You can get comments, markup and approvals for any type of multimedia file (video, audio and images), right in your media previews.

Comments are visible in pop-up previews so that they don’t clutter up your screen.


Lots more features built for your business:

Instant Media Previews

Instant media previews let your clients access your files on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet immediately.

Custom Branding

Digital Pigeon allows you to customise everything down to the URL of your page. Keep things professional with your branding on file deliveries.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Pigeon your files faster and easier than ever from our apps. The desktop app has been specially designed to maximise your transfer speed and minimise your waiting time!

Multi-user Management

You can add all your team members to your Digital Pigeon account so you know instantly who’s done or sent what internally.


Digital Pigeon integrates with Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox to improve your file-sharing experience.

Work from Anywhere

Get work done without being chained to your desk. Sync our desktop, mobile and web apps to send and receive files from any device, monitor progress and get notifications.

Security and Encryption

Digital Pigeon utilises bank grade security and encryption to protect your files, and with added measures like password protection and random-generated URL’s, you’re in safe hands.

Content Delivery Network

Digital Pigeon utilises Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN to seriously accelerate the speed of large file transfers over distance.

Try out Digital Pigeon for free and feel the difference a professional tool makes.

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