Digital Pigeon Apps

Desktop App

Pigeon your files faster and easier than ever from your desktop. The desktop app has been specially designed to maximise your transfer speed and minimise your waiting time! It includes the ability to integrate with your address book and advanced error recovery features.

Minimum Requirements:

Mac OSX Yosemite (10.10+)
Windows 10+

Version: 4.3.4 - 100MB

Version: 4.2.15 - 82MB
Note: signed by Sixty Digits Pty Ltd (the Digital Pigeon business entity)


iOS App

Digital Pigeon is a companion app to the Digital Pigeon desktop and web apps . It allows you to monitor upload progress, track and manage your big Digital Pigeon files easily, without having to be chained to your desk or hauling the laptop around. You can also forward files onto new recipients directly from your phone or tablet and a bunch of other handy tools.

You can:

  • Upload files from your device
  • Monitor your upload progress while on the go
  • Get notifications for upload completion, file downloads and received files, file comments & approvals
  • See who's downloaded your files
  • Add more recipients for files
  • Change expiry times or delete files
  • Forward files to new recipients
  • View and add comments to files for work in progress

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