They say that it's better to give than to receive.

But when it comes to file sharing, that’s not always true.

Do you need to receive files to do your job? The beauty of Digital Pigeon is that other people can send you files through your own account.

Perhaps you’re a photographer who needs a way to get photos back after they’ve been retouched.

Or maybe you’re in post-production and need to be sent raw video files from producers...  or are you a scriptwriter who has to watch hours of footage in order to do a voice over script?

Whatever your needs, Digital Pigeon makes it an easy process. Your client doesn't even need to sign up for an account with us.

Make life easy on your clients. And yourself.

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Ask and you shall receive

Receiving files is as quick, easy and reliable as it is to send them. Your sender doesn’t need to have their own Digital Pigeon account – they can use yours.

You can receive large files in any format, or multiple files at once. In fact, you can trim the number of steps in your work processes. Simply set up your account to automatically download files to your local storage.

All you have to do to receive large files is point them to your download page. In fact, the function comes with all the same perks as sending. Transfer speeds are just as fast and can be password protected. You’ll even be notified by phone or email once it’s been delivered.


Personalise your ‘upload’ URL

Personalise your Digital Pigeon ‘Upload’ page with a link that includes your brand name,

You can share the link via email, on social media, or just simply a link from your website. The upload page can be customised with your own branding, logo and website colours. That way people will know they’re in the right place and following the correct process.


Create custom upload links

Are you tired of having all your uploads go into one big folder and then having to sort through them manually?

With Digital Pigeon, you can create individual receive pages and specify how they are delivered in your portal. Many of our clients create upload links for each client, each with their own co-branded upload page and automatic tagging for quick and easy filing.

Learn more about creating unique upload links.


Embed a website ‘form’

Another option (available with certain plans), is to integrate a widget into your website, either as a separate page or as a pop-up. This way your sender can visit your website to send files directly from it. One of the huge advantages of the ‘embed’ option is that you can customise the form and pre-populate fields - helping systemise your business processes.

Most of our clients create a link in the menu bar or footer on their website that says ‘upload files’.

Could it be any easier for your clients?!


‘Geomatch’ Accelerator Technology

Receiving files is just as fast as sending them. You’ll get the same benefits that come with our cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services – no traffic, shorter distances between servers and… GeoMatch acceleration technology.

With GeoMatch, we literally match your sender’s location with the upload server that’s closest to them. This means there’s less distance for the files to travel. This significantly reduces problems and ensure the files will be in your inbox – ASAP.


Turnaround work more quickly with Digital Pigeon.

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