Enhance Productivity

A Day in the Life of a Media File


Digital Pigeon

13 November 2019

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Enhance Productivity

File Naming Conventions

As we continue to share ideas on improving your workflow, we need to focus on the one area that is fundamental to every, single, step. File management and naming conventions.

Enhance Productivity

How integration takes your workflow from zero to hero

Let’s end the year with a bang, and up the ante with a look at workflow integration. We’ve talked about working smarter, with smarter tools and how automating parts of your workflow will help create a daily ‘happy place’ at work. Now it’s time to talk about integrating your workflow.

Enhance Productivity

Getting paid in 10 easy steps

You get a service, you get a service, and you get a service, now show me the money!!! Money (and a lot of coffee!) makes the creative business world go round. You need to make money, preferably a lot of it, to really keep your creative thoughts flowing. We’re not here to tell you how much you should be making, that’s up to your bottom-line to decide.